Video Ads


We partner with a variety of creative agencies to develop creative assets for client campaigns. Here are some examples of ads that worked well for other clients.

Websites | Video Ads

The BEAST Network, Curated IPTV Channel 24hr. Content Wheel

MadeGood Foods, Internet 30 sec. Ad Spots

kb | KUNLE Calling Card Promo Reel

Portions Master Internet Ad Spot

A-Supreme Foundation, 5 min. Infomercial Ad Spot

Direction for Our Times, Internet 3 min Ad Spot

Geopolitical Monitor Internet 20 Sec. Ad Spot

Urban Warrior 4×4 Internet 60 sec. Ad Spot

Canadian Track day Adventures, Internet 1 min. Ad Spot

HOTLAP TV Internet Motorcycle Show, 22 min. Full Episode

Cirque Du Soleil Raises the Big Top in Toronto, 30 Sec. Video Story

Khairpep Customer Testimonial Videos

REMAY Customer Testimonial Video

Grassroots Humanitarian English-Language Internet Appeal Video

Grassroots Humanitarian Multi-Language Internet Appeal Video

Convention Video Summary, Multi-Day Live Event, Internet Showpacks