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We thrive on building high-yield lead generation and purchase conversion website funnels driven by multi-network ad campaigns, every-day.

Our primary goal is maximizing your purchase and sale conversions. Our systems and processes are designed specifically to funnel customers to your business and convert them using mobile optimized responsive websites and click funnels.

Below are some examples of our work, but first – a critical insight about how we’re different.

Our innovative approach is technology, platform and industry agnostic – driven by one simple set of principles… does traffic convert at an acceptable rate of e-commerce vs. ad spend? If I put $1 in ad spend, how many dollars do I get in return?

We guarantee results, “Greater than zero, and less than infinity.”

This is our first rule of prediction. The truth is you won’t know anything until you begin to measure it .

The rest is value proposition, A/B testing, and data transparency with clients.


Websites & Landing Pages | Video Ads & Client Reels


Graphite Daily
News Feeds for Strategic Investors

Cannabis Daily
Cannabis Culture, Lifestyle & Education

  • Mario St. Francis, Motivational Speaker
    Amazing guest speaker with a fiery passion to inspire, educate & motivate.


  • Counterfeit Cat –
    #1 Breakout New Cartoon Series Featuring an Alien Imposter Disguised as a House Cat.


  • Geordie Productions
    Montreal’s Largest Theatre Company’s Events & Ticketing Website

  • REMAY –
    New Consumer Shaving Product, REMAY Shave Gel Bars




  • A-Supreme Nursing & Home Care
    Community Nursing & Home Care Provide




Better Corners
Engines of Creative Invention – 360, VR & Innovative TV Series Production Group

The HYPE Magazine
#1 Digital Magazine in the World Since 2002

Feedback Factory
Quality Control Feedback and Corporate Surveys Website, Est. 2002 SQM Inc.