Our focus is getting you more customers, right now, every day.

We thrive on building high-yield, social and paid placement lead-generation ad campaigns – with the primary goal of maximizing purchase and sale conversions.

Our systems and processes are designed specifically to funnel customers to your business and convert them.

In an increasingly dynamic media marketplace, you need the absolute latest skills & online tools plus a highly specialized team to get your program off-the-ground and succeeding towards record setting sales.

The Art Department

In compliance with your brand standards, we deploy a group of award winning artists to get your campaign messages out of the door and into the hands of the right target customers.

The Language Department

Publishing in both official languages of English and French, we craft your messages to deepen the engagement, provide live response and increase conversion potential.

The Science Department

Harnessing the latest SAAS technologies, our private service group leverages the best tools and processes for developing high yield customer acquisition programs.


Neil Morris Creative Director, Consultant

Neil Morris Creative Director

Our team of art directors have won dozens of national and international awards in their related fields of expertise. We have deep experience working with national and international brands and standards.

Neil Morris, or NEMO as we call him – has been instrumental in creating on-brand display advertising, direct marketing and collateral materials for leading global employers such as Burger King, Oracle, Delrina, Eli Lilly, Kraft General Foods, SGS Canada, Shaw Cable and Winners.

During his professional career he has led creative and design initiatives, on behalf of agencies and client-direct, for other international brands including: AMEX, Canadian Diabetes Association, CARP, CGU, Chouinard Brothers, Eatons Fauna Foundation, Travel Central, E.D. Smith, Encore Cruises, Hydro One, Kraft, Kroll, Lindquist Avey, Perot Systems, Quaker, Rogers, Sears Vacations and 407ETR.

Together with the following team we deliver world class agency creative across all platforms and media-types for your campaign effort –


kb | KUNLE, TV & Film Producer

Ryo Muto Senior Branding Director, Consultant

Ryo Muto, Senior Branding Director

Karen Wu Senior Art Director, Consultant

Karen Wu, Senior Art Director

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The Language Department

Our unique approach to customer acquisition includes a robust language department primarily charged with duties of creating compelling high converting text and image ads for social media distribution, in both English and French .

This includes deep capabilities in long form article publishing and blog journalism.

A strategic advantage of working with TwentyOneTon Language department is being able to produce original content en-mass with our syndicate of blogging journalists, producing custom written articles in both English and French on demand.

Our team of syndicated bloggers, with more than 35+ contributors are all are very active on social media. Many of our blogging team members are bilingual and educated at a university level.

Our programs are designed uniquely for traffic & subscriber growth, customer acquisition, product sales, email list development and other marketing purposes

For more information about accessing our bloggers, please see this page.


We are certified in Google Advanced Search Marketing, StackAdapt Native Ads Platform and Acquisio Search Marketing.

Do you need a blended social media & PPC advertising campaign focused on customer acquisition? Or perhaps a website re-build effort focused on detailed customer analytics and conversion tracking?

How about a contest campaign with a viral share & enter to win funnel for email list growth? Maybe you also need to split-test various product offers to develop better conversion performance from landing pages?

Executing these types of complex digital acquisition campaigns is our core competency.

  • In today’s digital media landscape everyone needs a reliable navigator to get through the market data & business modelling exercises to create a successful online enterprise.
  • We believe every good relationship starts with the sharing of information, and we’re happy to oblige by answering any questions you may have about how to make digital work for your business.

In addition to our customer acquisition practice, we are also experts in large scale web development, social media management, list and email marketing. We offer a full suite of in house multi-media content production services including, web, print, radio, television, social, trade-show, blog and online video formats.

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For more than fifteen years our development consultancy has been fundamental in many start-up projects, with several having been successfully acquired by investors, which is part of our property development business philosophy and applied strategy.

We’ve assembled a strategic group of experts FOR YOU with years of work in big city agencies, to help you SUCCEED in the new gig economy with a suite of necessary services common to all digital campaign efforts.

The team has been assembled to provide you with senior expertise for online advertising, web design, customer acquisition, email list and digital marketing campaigns. We leverage deep relationships with content producers and their professional networks to deliver excellence in various disciplines including digital, print, direct mail, contact center and broadcast media.

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