More Customers Now™ Stage #2 Expansion Pack

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Once you’ve downloaded the Top Secret Tools, and Bonus Chapter(s) in the Stage#1 Expansion Pack – it’s time to connect to the Author for expert guidance getting started on your campaign.

Purchase This Stage#2 Expansion Pack and get two solid hours of direct video or telephonic consultation on your own campaign, using the tools we provide to sharpen your plan, business goals and funnel design, from the Author himself.

We just released the first edition of the series as of March 28, 2019 – and we’re offering the following early bird pricing offer to promote the launch of the book for a limited time. Act now, buy this first expansion pack and receive a personal 1-to-1 campaign consultation via video conferencing to maximize your application of the tools.

This premium appendix to MORE CUSTOMERS NOW™ is available to purchase right now for only $349.99 plus tax. That’s a savings of 30%!

With this offer you’ll get personal instruction and coaching on how to use the Master flow charts and forecasting spreadsheets for building and operating your own pay-per-click campaign, or agency services for others.

Get this expansion pack and you’ll learn how and when to charge clients plus get unlimited access to our proprietary campaign tools, programmable KPI driven excel spread sheets, plus direct insights from the author on how to apply the golden ratio to diagnose your own campaign funnel for performance issues.

This offer is restricted to previous buyers of the Stage#1 expansion pack and readers of the FREE E-book which are pre-requisites prior to video campaign consultation.

*Act now to get this special pricing offer, available only for a limited time* 


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