Andrew Shaw
Founder & President

As the company founder, Andrew works with agencies and client partners providing campaign strategy and analysis, developing key insights and action plans for success.

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Neil Morris
Creative Director

Neil is an agency creative director with over 20 years experience in print, DM, digital, web and broadcast space. Neil is our ‘go-to’ source for all things art related, and directs client visual communications and brand standard compliance.

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jo-profileJohanne Britton
Social Media Director

A bi-lingual social media phenom, Johanne has joined the team from Montreal and now resides in Toronto. Publisher of and founder of JJ’s press she’s our social media practice director and operates our news desk service.

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kb | Kunle
TV & Film Director, Futurist

Originally trained as a cameraman in the International Cinematographer’s Guild, Kunle Bristow has directed, produced and shot more than 1,000 hours of content airing on MTV, Bell Media/CTV, Rogers Media and more.

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Ryo Muto
Branding Guru

Ryo Muto is a legend in the business of branding consumer products. Budweiser, the King of Beers for example. Yep. That was one of his. As founder of Brand Leadership Marketing we are proud to have Ryo as our Senior Branding Consultant.

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Karen Wu
Art Director

Karen is an extremely talented artist and creative director. She excels at creating deeply detailed brand executions and evolutions. She’s been a team member since early 2014 working on key client projects.

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